AMP Tutoring

(Achieving Maximum Potential)
 Turn up the AMP'S of learning!

for Eligible Students in Qualified Public and Charter Schools

A.M.P. offers you and your child...
* Pre and Post Diagnostic Testing! & Regular Academic Progress Reports
* A customized Individual Tutoring Plan
* Private Tutoring, Homework Study Clubs or Workshops
* A professionally trained tutor in the subject areas that you child needs
* In-Home Tutorial Service or at your child's respective school
* Organized Learning skills to carry on in their day-to-day classes that builds self-confidence
* Parent-Child Tutoring Sessions, where you refresh your skills with your child
*Periodic Evaluations to measure academic growth!
16216 W. Seven, Mile Road
Detroit, MI 48235
 Phone - 313-659-9011, Toll Free: 877-673-1958
Fax - 313-835-7982
E-mail -

We believe...Your child should be....Achieving Maximum Potential!
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