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Dr. Dorinda Clark Cole's 6th Annual Singer's and Musician's Conference

Dr. Dorinda Clark Cole's 6th Annual Singer's and Musician's Conference held Sept.22-25, 2004 A.D. at Greater Emmanuel Institutional Church of God In Christ (J. Drew Sheard, Senior Pastor) in Detroit, MI., was a Historical Landmark Event for both The Conference, and the Evangelist, Singer, Songwriter Dorinda Clark Cole whom fans love and adore. Honored by Mt. Carmel Theological Seminary with a Doctoral Degree for having been recommended by Senior level Christian Administrator, and having 10 plus years of Christian Service among three other requirements which Evangelist Cole flawlessly met, she graciously accepted her honor of being awarded a Doctorate Degree with meekness,Praise to God, and joyful reflections in her heart of following after the footsteps of her mother The late Dr. Mattie Moss Clark.

Stunning in Appearance as well as Spirituality, Dr. Evangelist Cole welcomed conference attendees with a Presidential Welcome on September 21,2004 at 7:30 p.m., for those who arrived for the Conference a day or so early. The Presidential Welcome was very warm, friendly, and inviting along with a staff of workers and volunteers who warmly extended hospitality and The Love of The Lord Jesus Christ. Tuesday night's Presidential Welcome was also facilitated by Evangelist Sabrina Jackson, MSW of Sabrina Jackson Enterprises and (888) 241-8195 who did a very unique and interactive training session about Discovering Your Personality Color Code with the purpose and intent for you to know how to work closely and effectively with those around you based on each individual's strengths. (that's a portion of what I gained from her session). This lady came highly recommended by Evangelist Dorinda Clark Cole for us and I recommend her to you too.

Each Day the Theme for this Year's Conference "God's Minstrels Putting Ministry Back in The Music" 1 Samuel 16: 22-23, was reiterated to conference attendees, especially during the daytime sessions. We learned to put Praise back in the Music, we also learned to Discipline back in the Music Ministry, as well as Putting Testimony back in the Music Ministry, The Word of God back in the Music, and Putting WORSHIP back in the Music Ministry. The Wonderful thing about this conference is that Doctor Dorinda Clark Cole, being led by God, did ministry first, then industry information after they ministered to the inward person, which is the Believer of Jesus Christ inside of the Singer and the Musician.

There was a constant flow of the Holy Ghost during the day and the night sessions, or evening services with Special Guest speakers in the evening time such as Dr. Rance Allen, Bishop Richard "Clean" White, Sr., and Elder Edgar O. Madison Jr. We conference attendees found ourselves saying and thinking "we just heard the speaker in the other session say the same thing, yet they built on each other's work" It was clear and consistent Confirmation that The Holy Spirit was bringing through each speaker, preacher, and clinician and each one built on what the other was saying, only they presented it in their own unique and helpful way.

The Singer's and Musician's Conference overall was very Enriching and a Life Changing Event for those of us who wanted to receive the Work of the Lord and be changed. Bro. Steve Harris from Los Angeles, California stopped by the conference and out of a sincere heart to give back and be a help and blessing to the people of God so that they can succeed and prosper, gave us wonderful and insightful information and advice that most people probably would not have thought of in order to get involved in music industry and make things work for themselves. Steve has a book and some videos that will help you. You should log onto his website and buy something from or contact Evangelist Cole's Ministry staff at where you can get the ministry phone number and possibly find other information that may be helpful to you as well as purchasing some of Dr. Cole's products as well. Show her your love.

Thank you and God Bless

A special note of Thanks to Dr. Dorinda Clark Cole and her ministry team also including Pastor John W. Delley and Dr. Curtis Lewis which were two of the daily Clinicians, we love you all and appreciate the Sincere hospitality and Genuine Love of God that flowed from each of you and The food was really good, Amen! Thank you Dr. Cole for Blessing us. Also to Pastor Sheard, whose church was an excellent host Church, I believe in your ministry based on what I have seen and I would gladly sit under your pastorship if I were to ever move to Detroit. Greater Emmanuel Institutional Church of God in Christ and God Bless you to Lady Karen Clark Sheard who thanked me for supporting her sister and Minister Jacky C. it was a pleasure to have seen you and speak with you briefly Amen.

Tia J. Devine

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