Darick Rutley is "FM98 Strong Inspirations with Deborah Smith Pollard" and DetroitGospel.com's spotlight artist for March 2012. His most recent project, "Excited," is available on iTunes, Amazon.com, and CDBaby, and in God's World and Baker's Bookstore in Detroit.

Darick Rutley singing "Excited" Friday April 15, 2011 during live recording in Pontiac, MI. For Booking send an email to darickrutleyministries@hotmail.com. Recorded and edited by B-RUT Productions.

We asked Darick a few questions about the work that went into making his new project happen.

What are some of the things that you're doing to promote your new single?

Well, as you know I am taking full advantage of all resources to promote it online such as local eblasts, national eblasts, social media and also direct emails. I also have street teams forming in Michigan, Chicago, Atlanta, California, New York, Missouri, Houston, and Dallas (so far). I may also be airing a 30-second commercial on the Word Network in the near future. Lastly, we can't forget that the old fashion way (physical flyers) always has and always will be effective in direct marketing. When you are an independent artist you must present your self just at sharp as a signed artist. You just have to work almost 3 times as hard!

How did you go about creating this project?

One year ago I felt the Lord pushing me to do what I always wanted to do, and that's record. My eldest brother, Ryan, owns a recording studio (Psalms Group Music Studio) and serves as my music director/keyboardist. I wrote all the songs between a period of at least 15 years ranging from "Place of Praise" to my most recent composition, "Clean Heart," which I wrote a little less than a year ago. After much rehearsing, auditioning for background vocalists, and selecting musicians it was apparent that now was the time to share this music with the world.

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists about the creative process and surmounting any hurdles you may have encountered?

If I were to advise other aspiring artists, I would tell them to be patient and support others while you wait for your season. One thing that many independent artists don't understand is that you must first invest into yourself before you expect others to invest into you! That's referring to time, money, resources, and etc. People will only respect you as much as you respect what God has put inside you! I would also tell them to make sure you handle your business. Recording is much more than capturing a sound. You must make sure your music is copy written and published with a Performance Rights Organization. When you do come to the point of capturing the essence of your creation make sure you connect with people who are good at what they do (producers, song writers, technicians, musicians, singers, graphic designers and etc.) If you take short cuts it will tell off in the presentation of your project.

When it comes to song selection everything counts. Choose songs carefully contingent upon the melodies, lyrics, and styles of the songs. Remember: It doesn't matter how good the singers or musicians are, if you over-produce a song it can be just as harmful as if you under- produced it! The name of the game is Balance. You must also have people in your life who are experienced that can give you wise council. Proverbs 11:14 says "Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counselors there is safety."

There is a lot more that I can say, but the last thing I would hit on is you must involve a lot of prayer and patience! God moves through providential moments in our lives. Sometimes we want things to go at a certain pace, but the Lord will allow a stumbling block to cross your path in order to direct your steps. There have been plenty of times during this project that unforeseen things have occurred that put a delay on my progress. But I found out that all things work together for [the] good of those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.

Check out Darick's new radio single, "Excited," by clicking the snippet below.


"Creating music that lasts"

Darick Rutley's Radio Single


Kingdom Wurx is proud to announce the release of the first single "Excited" from Darick's highly anticipated debut project. Darick is quickly making a name for himself. He was a finalist in the 2011 Gospel Heritage New Artist showcase and has opened for noted gospel artists Marvin Sapp, Rance Allen, Hezekiah Walker, and Earnest Pugh. Television appearances on Atlanta Live, TCT, and The Word Network have been a blessing to his ministry. He is in demand as a worship leader and a speaker and has traveled around the country planting Kingdom seeds.

 Darick states that the motivation behind the song is the personal relationship he has with Christ. "The more He reveals to me in prayer the more excited I become." He is driven and obedient to his calling. He wants to teach and live a lifestyle of praise and worship. 

Psalms 40:8 "I delight to do thy will; Oh my God. Thy law is in my heart."

Excited is now available for download on iTunes

Click link to listen: http://soundcloud.com/darick- rutley

For radio interview and servicing requests please contact:

Kisha Swanson at radioservicing@darickrutley.com  

  For booking contact Stephanie Rutley at booking@darickrutley.com 

"When the DEPTH of old- school lyrics HAPPENS to meet the MUSIC of new -school talent...IN THE SAME SONG...it's EXPLOSIVE JOY!!! 

Pastor Dan Willis, "I'm Just Saying" TCT Television Network 


"Darick Rutley is a voice that needs to be heard, I'm "Excited" to see GOD work in his powerful ministry!" 

Ken Reynolds, Praise & Worship Artist


"This song is a great praise song that will get you in the presence of the Lord with joy! It will have you excited, ignited, on fire, and glad about Jesus!"

Kendal Richardson, Radio Host,  "Sound Doctrine with Kendal Richardson"

"Music & Ministry worth supporting...Darick is the REAL DEAL with a heart to lead people into the presence of the Lord"

Chris Springer, A&R Consultant and Producer



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