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Detroit Gospel.com RATE CARD

Advertising Options and Rates:

E-Blast (Click for details)               $175

Premier Banner Ad (Click for details)                $ 150/ Month
      Banner Creation for Premier Ad            $100 / Ad (1 time fee)
Newsletter Sponsor (Click for details)    $100 / Newsletter
      Banner Creation for Newsletter Ad        $100 / Ad (1 time fee)

Radio Show Spots (call 313.833.3555 for pricing)

CD Release Promotional Packages:
 Bronze Promotional Campaign (Click for details)    $199
 Silver Promotional Campaign (Click for details)       $299
 Gold Promotional Campaign (Click for details)        $399

Affiliate Advertising (Click for details)       Contact Us For Rates

Promotional Contests and Giveaways (Click for details) 
                                                                  Contact Us For Rates

All prices above are subject to change.
All dollar amounts are in US dollars.
No work begins on any order until complete payment received.
No maximum or minimum impresses for Premier banners.

Available Banner Sizes:

Banners size should be 600 x 80-pixels and less than 15K in file size.

Contact Info:

Phone: 313-833-3555
FAX: 313-833-9355
Mailing Address: 18701 Grand River Suite #134, Detroit, MI 48223
Office Location: The Historic Masonic Temple, 500 Temple Ave, #600M, Detroit, MI 48201

Quick Stats

Site Name: Detroit Gospel.com
URL: www.detroitgospel.com
Launch Date: February 1, 2004
Vision Statement: Detroit Gospel.com loves Detroit's gospel music and wants to share it with the world. Transcending racial, international, and age boundaries, Detroit Gospel.com is Detroit’s one-stop online resource for all that is gospel.
Site Description: Detroit Gospel.com is the first and only website dedicated to providing comprehensive coverage of the Metropolitan Detroit gospel music and entertainment scene. It is designed as a one-stop online resource for gospel entertainment enthusiasts in metro-Detroit and around the globe. Major updates to Detroit Gospel.com's content are made monthly, with minor updates uploaded daily.
Publisher: Detroit Gospel.com is published by FruitfulWorks, Inc., a web design and internet marketing company specializing in Christian businesses and ministries.
Monthly Reach:
Average Monthly Visits: >20,000
Average Monthly Page Views: 40,000
Average Hits Per Month: 864,000
Radio Show Listenership: >10,000 per week
Newsletter Subscribers: 8000 and growing!

Detroit Gospel.com's Niche Market

We are the first and only website to provide comprehensive coverage of the Metropolitan Detroit gospel music and entertainment scene. It is our intent to provide a one-stop online resource for metro-Detroit gospel entertainment enthusiasts.

While there are several well-done websites that focus on the national gospel scene, they simply cannot provide the local coverage of Detroit Gospel.com (including an events calendar, local newsletter, local industry information). There are also several well-done local Christian oriented websites, but none of these focus on the gospel music and entertainment scene in Detroit.

We also provide content that addresses the lifestyle needs of our target market. Detroit Gospel.com includes parenting tips, health and fitness, answers to spiritual questions, and much more.

Detroit Gospel.com Target Demographics

The intended audience for Detroit Gospel.com is urban contemporary gospel entertainment enthusiasts. It is anticipated that site visitors will be comprised of the following:

  • Gender: 60% female and 40% male
  • Age: 14 to 65, with the bulk of visitors between 25 and 45 years of age
  • Geographical Area: 70% Metropolitan Detroit and 30% Other

General U.S. Internet Demographics:

  • 66% of U.S. adults (120 million people) use the Internet
    - Source: Nielson.NetRatings, Inc.
  • 46% of U.S. adults online have annual incomes over $50,000
    - Source: Harris Interactive Research
  • 2003 brought an estimated $58.2 billion in online retail revenue - Source: eMarketer

Monthly Features

Features will vary from month to month, however the following will be highlighted in each month's issue:

  • Featured Artist - Profile of a Detroit gospel artist who has achieved national prominence
  • Up & Coming Artist - Profile of a Detroit gospel artist who has yet to achieve national prominence
  • Mind, Body, & Spirit - Includes lifestyle topics such as articles on health and fitness, Christian parenting, Christian authors and books, and answers to spiritual questions.

Detroit Gospel.com Advertising Deadlines

New advertising is published every Friday. Advertisers requiring banner creation have until noon on Wednesday to submit their ads (with payment) for that week's publication. Advertisers with banner ads already created have until noon on Thursday to submit their ads (with payment) for that week's publication.

Order Detroit Gospel.com Advertising Today

Let technology work for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Become a Detroit Gospel.com advertiser today. Detroit Gospel.com's rates are at special introductory prices for a limited time only. Get in on the ground floor of a technology driven resource that is sure to be a favorite among gospel entertainment consumers in metro Detroit and around the globe. Lock into these bargain rates today.

Contact DetroitGospel.com to discuss your advertising needs TODAY. Call us at 313-833-3555 or e-mail at for more information.


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FruitfulWorks, Inc. Bio and Fact Sheet
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August 20, 2003, Michigan Chronicle Article:
Black Couple Forms New Web Design, Marketing Company

August 22, 2003, The Michigan Front Page:
New Web Service: FruitfulWorks.com

January 29, 2004, Press Release:
A Leap of Faith: Detroit Gospel.com Takes Gospel Music From The Pew To The Web



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